Share Global operates in partnership with local officials as an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) in China.

Assisting Rural Schools in Anhui Province

After discussions with local officials, this was Share Global’s first project in China, starting in 2006. The project has been very successful, in that we provided “sports equipment” to poor rural schools and all these schools had never had this resource before. In reality, this project was extremely holistic also in its approach, because it provided –

  1. Exercise to build healthy children.
  2. A new interaction between the teacher and pupils.
  3. We also noticed that the community wanted to be part of this programme.

Home for the Elderly in Gaoshan

This home began in 2007, in partnership with the local Government. At present we have about 20 residents. The Home is built in a compound and each resident has their own large room. There is also a community room and kitchen facilities for the residents’ use. In all cases this Home provided clean, dry and comfortable living, compared with what these folk had before.

Leprosy Rehabilitation Village

This village is run by Provincial Government and Share Global’s involvement is –

  1. Providing bandages
  2. Providing support and assistance to the residents

Orphan Sponsor Program

This program was set-up in 2007 to support orphaned children to live with extended family members, rather than in an orphanage. We work in partnership, with the Wuwei Charitable Association and each child is sponsored by folk in and outside China.


Share Global provides support and assistance to many Orphanages in China. We provide assistance to any Orphanage requesting help and this assistance can take many forms. We are able to provide:

  1. nutritious food
  2. clothing, bedding and blankets, for winter and summer
  3. on-going health-care
  4. paying the rent on buildings
  5. hot-water showers
  6. games, puzzles and other resources
  7. a loving and caring environment for each child
  8. support for each child, so they realize their full potential
  9. musical instruments for each child
  10. on-going education, etc, etc.

For our largest Orphanage, Share Global has recently paid rent for 3 years, so the children can be moving to a new facility, as the old one was not suitable. This new facility is on the city boundary and next to the school, where the children will attend. This is certainly an exciting development and will require much more on-going funding.

How you can support our Orphan-children?

To run an Orphanage is extremely expensive, so we will require sponsorship for each child.

Sponsorship will cost NZ$300 or US$250 per year, per child (sponsors can be groups, individuals or families)

We will encourage sponsors to communicate with their Orphan-child, also the sponsor will receive letters back from their sponsored-child

Many of these children come from dreadful back-grounds – (discarded like rubbish). So it’s important that each orphaned child understands that they are now valued.

Digging “wells” in Rural Schools Project

Many children in rural-schools are drinking dirty water. So for some time now, Share Global has been seeking funding from an International Organisation so we can dig “wells” and provide clean-water for these children. At present we are waiting to hear back whether we have received this funding.

Future Projects

There are some possible exciting new projects for Share Global in the future. Obviously we will wait expectantly as each project comes into fruition. We have the possibility of –

  1. working with poor rural farmers
  2. training Chinese Psychiatric-Hospital-staff, in a new levels of care
  3. starting a work in the west of China
  4. starting a work in India

The “Share Global” organization is proud and honored to work along side local Chinese people as they strive to help people in need.