Reducing the effects of poverty in China

Unfortunately in many parts of China there are people suffering from the effects of poverty. The elderly are often left abandoned with no one to care for them when they can’t care for themselves.

People are suffering from leprosy, an infectious disease, that if not treated can cause permanent disability. Sufferers are banished to “leper villages” to lead out the rest of their lives as outcasts even though leprosy these days is curable and is not considered highly contagious.

China has a one-child policy to reduce their over populated country. Orphanages are full of children whose parents are unable to care for them. Girls are most adversely affected in the poorest areas as boys are generally preferred because they are regarded as more able than girls to provide for their families and continue the family line.

What Share Global is doing to help in China

The local Government in Wuwei has given Share Global a building to upgrade along with a new one which we will manage and operate our first home for the elderly early 2008. In conjunction with the home for the elderly, Share Global plans to operate a home for the disabled.

Share Global is also working with the Chinese authorities to meet needs of about 148 Leprosy patients through water reticulation and providing clean drinking water.

Also Share Global is working with Wuwei Charitable Association to provide a sponsorship programme for orphan children and are seeking sponsors from within China and overseas.

At present we have several children in sponsorship. Funding provides basic needs and educational support for each child, enabling them to live with an extended family member.

Help us help them

With your help, Share Global aims to show God’s love, by caring for and supporting individuals, who do not have the ability or help from others to care for themselves, throughout China.